Minutes, Reorganizing Meeting, September 2019

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South Burlington Democratic Committee

Organizing Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2019, in the South Burlington Public Library

Johnna Ferguson, Secretary


We are meeting in the library in an ad-hoc fashion as the room was double-booked.

Election of Officers

We are looking for the full panel of leaders to be nominated.

Both county committee members and town committee members are needed and important.

Floor is open for nominations for the chair of the SBDC

Chair of SBDC:
Maida Townsend nominates Chris Shaw
John Dinklage seconds the nomination.

Motion to vote

Chris elected unanimously

Nomination for other offices, only one per office was made, and officers were unanimously voted in as a slate.

Chair: Chris Shaw
Vice Chair: Katie Langrock
Secretary: Johnna Ferguson
Treasurer: Jonathan Ferguson
Assistant Treasurer: Chris Trombly

Definition of Quorum: All members present is a quorum.

Treasurer Report
Move to accept to the Treasurer report
We have 
in the bank. 

All of our reports to the Secretary of State have been filed.
Donations are being accepted.

County Committee Delegates, discussion and nomination
We would like more people present at the County Commitee meeting
Chitttenden county committee did lower their requirements.
The number is set by state law, requiring the delegates to be distributed based on the number of delegates in the last gubernatorial election.
Committee did not have enough people to lower the quorum numbers
Please join the county committee.
SB has 22 delegate seats.

We need enough people in the county committee meetings to change the quorum rules, so business can be transacted even when (the usual) percentage of committee members are present.
The quorum rule is currently 20% of the total number of the committee.
If you are running for the county committee, please come!
A member states that the County Committee is very cool and worth attending.

County Committee Members nominated and voted in.  (Less than the 22 seats we could fill)

Rich Cassidy 
Chris Shaw
Karen Ryder
Michael Sirotkin
Martin LaLonde
TJ Donovan
John Killacky
Tom Chittenden
Alfonso Vejegas
Jonathan Ferguson
Johnna Ferguson
Chris Trombly
Donna Leban
Cindy Mackin
Katie Langrock

New business

Terje Anderson addresses us.
He is the new chair of the state party.  Let's get ready for 2020.  Lots of work to do to change the White House and Governor.  Let's change margins in legislature to get things through without a veto.  State Party is 16 Nov 2019 for reorganization.
Annual Fundraising Harvest event
At Stowe Flake resorte
Reorg is 1PM to 3PM
4:30PM August harvest dinner

John Killacky will be helping to reorganize new 

The delegate meeting will be:
Barre Auditorium
30 May 2019
April the town committee to elect delegates to the state convention
Allocated by the presidential vote in the town
15% delegates from the town percentage of the votes

DNC voted to change the way that superdelegates operate
People who are party chairs and senators and former chairs
VT has 8 super-delegates but they are not able to vote for the president on the first ballot.
Negotiated for the first ballot, but the convention has not had a multi-ballot convention.
Whomever is the lead. 

We have a nice hotel assignment in Milwaukee

JPs are not elected until November, Caucusing in September for nominiations on November ballot.

Karen Ryder tells an inspirational story about being a JP.

Suggestions for the party platform:

Need to defer to the next meeting
Party platform will be held in a series of platform policy input.
3 or 4 over the summer before the convention in August.

TJ Donovan: More forceful language on Assault Weapons

Alfonso Vejagas: Treatment Court: VT has 3, one in Chittenden, Washington, and Rutland
Treatment courts run on Federal grants.
Current one expires on 30 September. Currently there is no state funding for treatment courts.

Chris Shaw: The Treatment Courts is definitely a more enlightened approach for the opioid issues.

Martin LaLonde visited the Deputy States attorney in Washington County.
Drug addiction treatment options. 

John Killacky: People can turn their lives around with the treatment courts.

Karen Ryder: Announcement: TJ there is a fundraiser for Mary Sullivan and Joey Donovan at the St. Johns Club. Hosting that for the democratic house campaign committee. 5 to 7PM at the St. Johns club

Meeting was adjourned

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