Minutes: August 2020 meeting

Submitted by asst.treasurer on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 19:07

Minutes: South Burlington Democratic Committee
10 August 2020. meeting via Zoom. video conference

Nominations for Justice of Peace from our Democratic Party:

Patrick Mahoney
Maurice Mahoney
Michael Sirotkin
Kate Nugent
Lynn Vera (asking to be on ballot as Democrat, but is transitioning to Independent)
Chris Trombly
Jason Kirchick
Chris Shaw

Justice of the Peace: There are 15 JPs in South Burlington
Previous Town Clerk Asked for balance between parties.
By tacit agreement, Democrats and Republicans only nominate for half the 15 JP seats.  This cycle we nominate 8; last cycle we nominated 7

John Dinklage moves to nominate slate
Katie Langrock seconds 
unanimous vote for slate.

State convention (was May 30th) and party platform (Coming up in August).
Virtual Meeting expected Saturday September 12.
Chris can designate someone from SB to platform convention, as he won't be attending.

Terje (pronounced "Terry")  is stepping down as State party leaders.

Ann Pugh has opponent for her seat.  Steve Fisher is asked for a write-in as a Republican, and has signs up around town.

For fundraising, we pass hat virtually as we aren't meeting in person.

Chris Shaw: Would like to raise money for some markers in new City Center, Helen Head for 16 years in state legislature, and something for former Democrat Treasurer who became a Republican treasurer and recently passed away.  
Wall of fame in new City hall?  Waiting for new Corporate sponsors.  Looking for bench like on current City Hall.
It helps our visibility if we recognize people who have years of service.

Suggestion: Send out to email list that Chris won't be able to attend, asking if anyone wants to attend platform.

Suggestion Ask for donations in that follow-up email.

Move to adjourn

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