Caucus to choose Justices of the Peace on July 30

Submitted by secretary on Mon, 07/09/2018 - 20:22

When and Where

July 30, 2018, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

South Burlington Police Station, 2nd Floor Conference Room

19 Gregory Drive, South Burlington

(Enter through doors for Community Justice Center)

Who can participate in the caucus

Every two years we caucus to nominate Justices of the Peace.  To join the caucus choosing the nominees, you need only be a registered voter in South Burlington, and not have already caucused with another political party.  In order to vote for nominees, you must also join the SB Democrats City Committee, which you can do the night of the caucus before we begin. 

If all presently serving JPs wish to continue serving, our caucus has the option to simply renominate them as our seven candidates.  

What does a Justice of the Peace Do?

There are five major areas of responsibility of a Justice of the Peace:

  1. Elections.  Justices of the Peace are members of the Board of Civil Authority, and serve as election officials who ensure on election day and before that the procedure is fair and proper.
  2. Tax Abatement and Appeals.  Justices of the Peace sit as members of the town board for abatement of taxes.  They hear appeals for the forgiveness of individual taxpayers under certain circumstance, and they have duties if the city appeals its taxes. The also hear further appeals.
  3. Marriages.  JPs may solemnize marriages.
  4. Oaths and Notary.
  5. Magistrates.  JPs may serve as magistrates when commissioned to do so by the Vermont Supreme Court.

The Secretary of State has published this guide to the duties of the Justices of the Peace:

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